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December 5, 2013
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Yoryyntel :  Nairritse Aitzsuragi + Byst by akiicchi Yoryyntel :  Nairritse Aitzsuragi + Byst by akiicchi

i've been eyeing this group for a long time hehe-- tbh i really didn't think i would finish in time ;; //struggled with trying to draw an animal OTL

thanks to *KiyokoAmaya kicking my butt  to finish in the end I did--  //spits out blood
and credits to kiyo  for creating the name for my character as well as his sister  * /// * and for her + coons helping me with 290384 things--


good luck everyone ! ///// i hope all my tomodachis get in too !

:iconyoryyntel:  :iconyoryyntel:  :iconyoryyntel:

【 "Come here for a moment... "  】

..and let me undress you-- //slapped

✖ Name :  Nairritse ( Nair ) Aitzsuragi
✖  Age : 336 ( estimated to be around 24 in human years )  
✖ Height : 6"0

✖ Race : Mjolt
✖ Ancestry : Naaren Tribe
✖ Occupation : Weaver/Tailor
✖ Alliance : Jymoku

【 Personality】 :  

    Talkative || Bossy || Sincere || Exaggerates || Affectionate || Lazy || Stubborn || Boastful || Thrifty

    Nair is a very talkative individual and can easily slip into a one sided conversation with himself even while in the presence of others. Having grown up taking care of his younger siblings, Nair heavily relies on physical contact as form of affection to convey his feelings while speaking to someone. Even if they are someone he is not very familiar with he will try to seek physical contact with them out of habit. He is very appreciative of other's bodies purely for both persona and professional reasons due to his job. Most of the time his words cannot  be taken seriously as he may attempt to flirt with just about any living thing...

    In order to deal with entertaining his siblings Nair has developed a habit of being very playful but lazy when it comes to other things. His hand gestures are commonly overdramatized as well as his embellishments on certain stories that he retells to others. Nair enjoys showing off his works or bragging about his family to others in the tribe often but does not take criticism well. He can be very set in his ways when it concerns something he believes he has more than enough experience in such as dealing with his family or his job.

    His affection for his younger siblings also lead to him showing the same bias attitude towards the other children of the tribe. He views children as being able to do no true 'wrong' and is quick to blame others influences for the reasons behind it. Like a child, Nair is honest and upfront about his feelings for others. He doesn't believe in lying and so avoids committing that crime himself even though he may stretch the truth here or there when repeating one of his stories….

    Likes & Dislikes :

      ♥ children
      ♥ soft material
      ♥ making dirty tree jokes
      ♥ shiny things
      ✖ violence
      ✖ rough/scratchy material
      ✖ facial wrinkles
      ✖ aging

【 Story 】:
    The start of Nair's life was of  nothing out of the ordinary and for more than a few decades he enjoyed his parent's sole attention as their only son. When his first younger brother was born it was difficult for the young Mjolt to adjust to being given only half of the usual time he had from his affectionate parents. But, although he was torn between feelings of resentment for having his parent's attention taken away, once his youngest brother was born he was completely star struck. It helped him to realize how helpless babies really were and how much care they should be given when his parents allowed him to assist in caring for him. It struck something in the young Mjolt that lead him to silently swear to  himself that it is his duty to watch over his siblings.

    During this time Nair was also fortunate enough to be able to strike a friendship with a young Haon that appeared mysteriously in the tribe one day. He was surprised as the Haon, who later introduced himself as Cehasmureyu, was similar in 'age' to him but was more independent than himself; his mother stayed for two years but then left  Cehas on his own. His family readily accepted Nair's new friend and he became a new addition to their family.

    It took three more siblings to be born before Nair was of age, according to his parent's insistence,  to finally take up a job of his own. He easily slid into the same trade of his weaver mother, whether it be due to his reluctance to take the time to learn a new trade or not, and accompanied her during her working hours. While a weaver is allowed to work from home  it still took time for him to grow familiar with his new occupation. Despite his initial impression of the trade being less than positive, he soon began to develop an affinity for it. As a weaver, Nair discovered a creative outlet that actually became an exception to his usual carefree demeanor as he began to take his job more seriously. It wouldn't be until a few years later that he also decides to take up an apprenticeship to become a tailor as it would help with his job as a weaver.

    His youngest sibling, a girl named Meruem, was a child he was constantly worrying over. Often times he would be too afraid to even let her out of his sight because of her much smaller size in comparison to what her brothers and sisters had been at that same age. It was during  Reqsiou Yy’Dirsk, the Day of the Dead, that Nair makes a grave mistake that later haunts him for the rest of his life.

    It was a sudden attack by a group of unknown assailants that left the sacred tree, Lathedos, aflame.  Along with the rest of the Naaren tribe that had to witness this terrifying massacre, Nair's life also came to a screeching halt. He was unused to the violence that descended upon them and couldn't do anything but scramble around in a frantic search to find Meruem. She had been accompanying him, like usual, on his normal errands however she had pleaded with him until he eventually gave  in and allowed her to go explore and see the preparations on her own.

    Nair, by some miracle,  was able to come across Cehas during his frantic search around the village and filled him in on the situation. He was both relieved and glad that his friend, whose job as a wirekeeper would have placed him in danger during the attack, was safe and sound despite looking a bit roughed up. Together they both set off in search of Meruem.

    Their search for the youngest member of the family was difficult as tribe members were pushing and shoving in all directions. Eventually they were able to make it closer towards the center of the village where Nair suspected she would have gone towards since it was where most of the preparations had been taking place. It was through the decorations and bodies littering the ground that Nair, unfortunately, was able to make out the familiar flame of red hair.

    Luckily Cehas was there to comfort the Mjolt through the grief and trauma of discovering his sister's body until they were reunited with the rest of the family. This horrifying event left Nair feeling bitter towards anything that he deemed was associated with violence or related to what had happened to his sister. Since the attack his tribe has grown to increase their approach in keeping the village safe and it is something that Nair will continue to view with distrust. He cannot bring himself to believe that by having more warriors in their village they will be able to avoid another repeat of Reqsiou Yy’Dirsk.

    A few years after the horrible incident his parents passed away, one right after eachother. Nair believes that the early departure of his sister and the new changes of the tribe had grown to be too much for them. While it is a constant struggle for the Mjolt to have to provide for and take care of his siblings, he happily takes everyday in stride as much as he is able. While his laziness remains as a bad habit he has been making a visible effort to step up to the responsibilities of taking care of his family. Nair is determined to shelter his siblings away from the influence of war and goes through a lot of effort to keep them in the dark.

【Companion 】 :
    Name : Byst ( means ' animal  ' )  
    Species : Yyumisnar  

    Byst was given to Nair by one of his clients who had believed that since he was now on his own taking care of his siblings that this family orientated species would be a good companion for him. He named the Yyumisnar, Byst, something that quite a few others often tease him for being uncreative with. His reasons behind naming his companion that is simply because he couldn't think of anything else to use. Byst appears to be the mature one of the pair and is relied on often to help watch over his siblings when he is unable to himself.

【 Extra Info 】 :
    -  Nairritse means 'unwanted attention  ' , Aitzsuragi means 'certain comfort '
    - Started his job around 210 yrs ( about 15 in human years ). When his sister was killed he was 238 yrs ( about 17 in human years )  
    - He has two brothers and now only one sister. Second male sibling is 210 yrs ( aka 15 yrs ), Third female sibling is 196 yrs ( aka 14 yrs ) and last male sibling is 168 yrs ( aka 12 yrs )  
    - Is not a good fighter, if caught in a situation such as that he may freeze up.  
    - He has a friendship bracelet with Cehas.
    - Very forward when doing his job, he often tells people to just strip so he can take their measurements every time. He is a bit touchy feely when fitting / tailoring his work for others and has a strange fascination with children or any he believes is 'young'.

* Please note his age is based on the assumption of 300 yrs = 21 in human years so roughly every 14 years = 1 human year.

【 RP Methods  】 : Notes, messages or google docs ! I prefer to Skype rp only after we rp through other methods at least once before. 

just let me know if you would like to rp ! <3 

    DISCLAIMER FOR RPING : It is in Nair's nature to be rather affectionate with others even if he may not know them well so if you wish to RP with him please be warned that he may reach to touch them often. Since this may be considered 'controlling' your character if he has physical contact often without always asking for permission first,  please let me know ahead of time if it makes you feel uncomfortable or help me to become familiar with your character's personal boundaries so I can carefully tread. Thank you for reading !

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