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September 25, 2013
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Lex Ferenda : Crux Banefert by akiicchi Lex Ferenda : Crux Banefert by akiicchi
* finished art & written parts finally asldfjk 

:iconlex-ferenda: :iconlex-ferenda:  :iconlex-ferenda:

lakdjflkasdf omg i've been waiting with *KiyokoAmaya for a harry potter group for forever GASDsfdFfsadf-- // EXCITED SCREAMING----  WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I AM TO SEE ONE AHHHhhhhhh-------
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good luck to everyone who is applying !  i hope we all get in !  (;▽;) ♥♥

『 Info  』

    • Name : Crux Banefert                        • Age : 15 ( 5th year )                        • House : Slytherin Fifth Year
    • Birthday :  November 10th                 • Height : 5’ 8” ( 172 cm )                 • Weight :  118 ( 54kg ) lbs

    • Wand Ingredients :

      Dragon Heartstring +  Hawthorn + Unyielding + 12 ½ inches

      Adept at healing spells. Weak in transfiguration. Temperamental using offensive spells, tendency to either work strongly or 75% chance of it backfiring.

    •  Spell List :

      Episkey  ||  Reparifors  ||  Reducio  ||  Aguamenti  ||  Bombarda  ||  Diffindo  ||  Lapifors

    •  Extra Classes :                                                              •  Electives :

      →【Care of Magical Creatures 】                                         →【 Magical Theory】
      →【Diviniation 】                                                               →【 Hogwarts Orchestra】

    • Pet : 【 Silvia 】

      Spoiled || prone to jealousy || affectionate || vengeful || large appetite

      •  Vipera aspis ( Asp Viper ) species info

      Silvia was given to Crux for his birthday by his elder brother. Since receiving her they have become close companions. Silvia is not too friendly with strangers and does not like to share her master's attention especially with those of the female gender. She most commonly found wrapped affectionately around his neck or in his lap draped across his shoulders. To make it easier to carry her around he often uses reducio to shrink her to a smaller size. Unfortunately he is not as well practiced in the counter curse and often times she is, must to her dismay, stuck in her smaller form for long periods of time. ( Currently 4.2 feet long )

『 Profile  』

    【 Personality 】:

      Charismatic || Vain || Haughty || Arrogant || Ambitious ||  Judgemental || Confident || Proud || Competitive || Stubborn || Loyal

      Raised to be a socialite, Crux has no problem talking to others or initiating a conversation. He has a natural talent for being rather charismatic to his peers when he needs to be. Crux does not take well to being ignored as he sees it as a wound to his ego and will pursue in order to gain the recognition from others. His personality can come off as being snobbish as he openly takes things for granted and sees no wrong in doing so. Appearances means a lot to Crux, he was born with the ideals that everything you wear or do is being watched by others to potentially be used against you. He likes to keep up with the latest wizarding fashion as well as scrutinize the appearances of others.

      Crux is very proud about his magical heritage and does not attempt to hide this egotistical trait. He has a stubborn, confident streak that will encourage him to avoid admitting fault even when proven wrong. While he was raised to be respectful to his elders, he holds a childish streak of refusing to acknowledge those he does not know and believes they must prove themselves worthy of his respect first. He is somewhat tolerant of half bloods but shows a clear disdain for muggle borns due to how 'muggle' they may act. There are the few exceptions to this rule, like his brother, if he considers the other worthy of the magic in their veins either through talent or by somehow proving it to him. He will not hesitate to call muggleborns mudbloods  

      He is a driven boy that is determined to make up for his brother's 'disgrace' and fill in his shoes to make him and his family proud. His loyalty is unwavering and although he puts blood ties above all else if he feels particularly close to someone on the rare occasion he can easily put their well being ahead of his own. Crux will not openly admit to caring about others and prefers to show it in ways of sticking to the shadows or going in a roundabout way. Showing such emotions as despair or affection was drilled into him as being signs of a weakness he can't afford to have. He'll sooner play it off than admit his own feelings.

    【 Likes / Dislikes 】 :

      ✖ werewolves & most magical beasts                               ♥ dragon hide and acromantula silk
      ✖ muggle technology                                                    ♥ soft, furry animals
      ✖ flying                                                                       ♥ blood pops, pumpkin pasties, toffee éclairs

    【 History 】  :

      As a pure-blood son born into the Banefert line, Crux basked in the lifestyle of the privileged. His family, according to their claims, could proudly brag that their line has  yet to be tainted by anything but pure wizarding blood. Their family motto,"Le sang des illegalites" , when translated from french is " Blood of the Untainted", symbolizing the families deep roots in their beliefs of blood purity. Much like other pure-blood families they follow the same common beliefs in terms of muggles and muggle-borns being of lesser status or unworthy of having magic. However , more so than their disgust towards anything muggle, was their extreme loathing for any and all magical beasts. Their legendary displeasure for werewolves especially can date back far into their family history where, for sport, many of their ancestors had participated in hunting the beasts down for the sport of it before it became outlawed.

      Crux's older brother, Hector, was readily assumed to become the family's heir as he was both the oldest son and eldest child. From birth his brother had to bear the weight of his parent's expectations and hopes of their generation.  His sister, while also taught and treated with as much care as her other siblings, was expected to marry someone of great influence to help spread the family's influence in wizard society and create more connections rather than to pursue a scholarly education. With his brother and sister taking the brunt of the responsibilities for safeguarding his family's success in the future, Crux was allowed to stick to the sidelines to escape those strict expectations. As the second son and last child, he was only expected to eventually marry a pure-blood witch from a family with political standing to further produce more magical heirs to carry on and spread the family's name similar to his sister's position. Like his two older siblings and most pure-blood children, Crux received tutors in subjects to further prepare him before he started Hogwarts but he never felt the need to overachieve or prove himself to his parents by taking his studies as seriously as his brother did.

       Even at his young age the boy could already see the difference between his brother's treatment and his own and was surprisingly able to easily accept it. He felt no jealousy or dislike towards his parent's blatant favoritism for Hector , instead he held nothing but respect and love for his brother partnered with a sense of relief that he would have an easier life thanks to him. The youngest Banefert was satisfied with being able to take on a lesser role in his family without having to suffer the high expectations his parents had placed on his elder brother. This leniency allowed the boy to continue to hold onto his childhood and have more freedom than his brother ever did. His brother also helped to reinforce this close relationship between the two by always seeming to find the time to indulge his much younger brother no matter his tight schedules and praise him for his small accomplishments.

      It was recently after Crux's celebration for his seventh birthday when his family received an emergency fire call in the dead of night. His family's house elves were thrown into a mad panic as they hurried to wake up the master and mistress to bring them to the parlor immediately. Crux, having awoken sometime during the loud frantic shouts, was curious to see what had his usual stone faced parents in such a disarray.  Peeking through into the room, the boy was able to have a clear view of the fireplace along with the silhouettes of his parents lit by the flames. In the fireplace he could see a blood smeared man dressed in the common white robes of a Healer. He couldn't quite make out everything that the  man was saying as he spoke in quick, hushed tones to his parents but he could catch snippets of the conversation every once in a while. Since he couldn't understand everything that was being said, Crux turned to watch his parents in the hopes that they would somehow be able to give him the answers he was looking for. Horror, sadness, and shame flickered across his parent's faces as they heard the news from the stranger. His mother eventually collapsed into tears, crying and clinging desperately to her husband's chest as he affectionately tried to soothe her cries. His father, despite his attempts to calm his distressed wife down, wore a look of utter defeat as he continued to speak to the Healer. This emotional display shocked the boy who had never witnessed his proud, stoic parents in such a state.  

      " It was a freak accident", the healer hastily said as he explained how their eldest son was assaulted during his trip back from a social party that evening. How was Hector to know that the crying tattered child he saw in the alleyway, who had a striking resemblance to his youngest brother, was actually a werewolf? Thankfully a nearby witch had heard his screams and was able to quickly contact the nearby hospital. The Healers there were able to keep his brother stable as the bite had not been fatal, however things would never be the same. His brother was infected with lycanthropy.

      While at first his parents were relieved to hear their son would survive,  it did not change the fact that their eldest child was now a 'monster'. They were deeply ashamed by the accident and how it would bring a  'taint' to their family name. It would be social suicide and the end of their political credibility if it was found out that they, the prideful pure-blood family Banefert, had a werewolf infected heir. His sister, having been raised on the same prejudice ideals, was horrified that her brother was now a 'monster' and has since then refused to even be in the same room as him. "Le sang des illegalites" , Blood of the Untainted. It dumbfounded the poor boy of his family's sudden change in attitude towards his brother when they had put so much hope into him becoming the heir. While Crux had been brought up with the same prejudice ideals and does continue to believe them as being lesser, in the case of his brother he sees him as an exception to this belief.

      His parents, although it is difficult for outsiders to understand, did show sympathy towards their dishonored son and granted the mercy in one last show of love by keeping him cared for in their family home. In the past his ancestors would have had no qualms disposing of a werewolf through a hush-hush execution or erasing them from the family registry, so this small gesture of his parent's pity towards his brother was well respected by Crux.

      Even though he knew it was coming, the boy wasn't prepared for when his parents officially recognized him as their new heir by presenting him with the family ring. A ring that only the heir wore and one that his brother had previously used until the tragic incident. Nothing he could say would change his parents’ mind and they even went as far as to threaten disowning his brother by officially removing him from their family tree and thus throwing him out onto the streets.  He loved his brother too much to subject him to the humiliation of being cast out by his family, especially now that with his condition his connections that he once had were cut off, and so he accepted the ring.

      Despite how harsh his parents were in keeping his brother under house arrest, he cannot bring himself to hate  them. His loyalty to his family has since been rooted into his upbringing as was proven to his acceptance that his brother had very much become one of the things he loathed the most. Hector had every right to be furious for being cast aside and now hidden as the black sheep of the family, but he never made a move to take it out on his younger brother  who had replaced him. He also never seemed to make any mention of the empty space on his finger where the ring had once been and Crux was thankful for this small understanding.

      Their relationship over time continued to only grew stronger as Crux became the single person in his family to continue to interact with Hector on a regular basis and to show any honest concern for his well being. The influential friends and others his brother had been close to before the accident had since ceased any contact with him, some even going further by spreading distasteful rumors about his condition. Despite the feelings of loneliness and betrayal his brother must have been feeling over the years he continued to encourage Crux to become the heir that he never could be and to wear their family name proudly.  

      Crux does acknowledge that his brother would never be able to properly integrate back into the high society and is upset to see him waste away hidden inside their family home. He is determined to grant his brother more freedom once he is officially declared the head of the family and given control over the family's matters to overrule his parent's words. His interest in potentially becoming a Healer is partially due to his brother's condition and is something that he had decided ever since the incident. More specifically his childhood dream to become a Healer was triggered by the innocent hope to somehow either discover the way to completely cure lycanthrope or to wipe out the entire werewolf population as a retribution for the attack against his brother. This childish dream helps him to push forward and gives him a goal to work towards despite losing most of the freedom that he had before he was made the new heir. His parents, having had wasted several years grooming their eldest son instead, became even more strict with their attempts to cram the lost years of education into their youngest child in the hopes that he would be able to reach the same level that his brother had been at his age or better. Crux acknowledges that he will never be able to fully meet his brother's previous accomplishments but is still determined to grin and bear it in order to reach closer to his goal. 

      At Hogwarts, away from his parent's watchful eyes, he is able to reclaim much of the freedom he had lost and intends to use the years he has left in school before he must return to the strict life that is planned for him. His parents, having reached an unspoken understanding with their second son, has turned a blind eye towards Crux's continuing interactions with his brother and his activities at school. But once he graduates from Hogwarts they expect him to marry a pure-blood witch of their approval before working towards a powerful position in high society. They are currently pressuring him into seeking a political job after Hogwarts rather than pursuing the lifestyle of a Healer which would hold little to no political power.

• Family :

    Dorian Banefert 】 - Father. Current head of the Banefert family.
    Camilla Banefert 】 - Mother. Formerly Camilla née Blanc.
    Hector Banefert 】- Oldest son. Former heir, diagnosed with lycanthropy. 13 years older than Crux.
    Delphine Banefert 】- Middle child and only daughter. Graduated Beauxbatons. 8 years older than Crux. 

【 Other 】

    • While he does mention his brother from time to time he never addresses any gossips about the rumor going around on his brother's 'condition'. He is under a form of 'house arrest' by his parents, he is not treated as a prisoner and still lives a rich lifestyle although freedom is limited. His rooms had been relocated to the basement away from prying eyes. This area also includes a warded cell that is used by Hector during full moons. Hector does not attend any of the high-society parties or allowed out into the public.

    •  Crux's sister, while she still avoids the eldest brother, does still talk to Crux often. It is a taboo subject that they none of his family wish to acknowledge. She often sends him gossip filled letters about her classmates at school and other rumors such as who is snogging who. Crux is too proud to admit to her that he rather her keep most of that information to herself...

    • Although he has a strong dislike towards certain magical beasts, he is taking the class in order to learn more about them to potentially either save his brother or find a way to wipe them all out.

    • Dorian Banefert, being the only Banefert son, is the reason for the heavy pressure on Crux to become the family heir as he is the only one qualified to become the head of family. Dorian does have two sisters however they took on the last names of their husbands. Crux is not very close with his other cousins and only seems them during social gatherings or at Hogwarts.

    •  The family emblem consists of the open jaws of a beast with a sword slashing straight through it to symbolize the ancestors who 'purged' the world of the tainted blood. ( magical beasts )

    • Wears the family heir ring on his left ring finger.

    • He plays the cello but is not that good at it.

    • Is not well informed about things relating to the muggle world.

    • Rages when people make fun of his last name and refer to it as Banefart or Brain-fart.  

    • He was really short before he hit his growth spurt in 4th year and has since then gained more confidence.

    • Secretly afraid of aggressive or violent women due to only being brought up around proper pure-blood girls who are more seen than heard.

『 Relationships 』

      Raven Felip Carrara 】→ Ravenclaw 5th year

        FLIP CHANNnn  His friend-not-friend-fren-enemy that he met during his first year. While not a fan of Quidditch he makes a habit of attending all of Raven's games under the pretense that he wants to witness his failure and keep an eye on his ferret. Silvia on the other hand, likes to attempt to eat Raven's ferret for unknown reasons...  He often feels the need to prove himself more superior to this mudblood as well.

      Gilbert Sinclair 】→ Slytherin 5th year

        A fellow snake lover who lives in the same dorm as him.

      Martha Blanc 】→ Slytherin 7th year

        Distant relative from his mother's side.  

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