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January 6, 2013
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Clockhearts : June by akiicchi Clockhearts : June by akiicchi

re-applying for #Clockhearts as a member , making sibling characters with =minjei ////

asdlfkj stayed up all night to finish this in time ahaha

Rping : I prefer through Skype or google docs since DA can eat my notes, I also do through DA messages. I prefer lit rps please excuse my grammar though alkfsjd just message me if interested ( ▽ ` )

:iconclockhearts: :iconclockhearts:

✚ Name: June

✚ Gender: Male

✚ Age: 19

✚ Faction: Clover

✚ Role: The Forgotten Traveler

✚ Magic/Ability/Talent:

    Magic : Magical ability to be able to change his gender into a female. ( female version of himself ) Any scars he has, hair and eye color remain the same. His personality also does not change while in his female form. The clothes he has on is what he was wearing when he changed. It is activated on June's command. He uses this ability to help him on his journey with asking around for information. since townspeople were more willing to open up to a girl alsdjf

    Limitations to his 'transformation' include his weakened strength when in female form, once activated he must remain in that form for at least 5 hours before being allowed to change back to his original gender. He can only be in the form for a max of 24 hours at a time before it auto-turns him back to male and leaves him physically exhausted.

    Talent : A talent he is rather proud of and that is having an iron stomach and willing to eat and try mostly anything.

✚ Weapon:
    Medium sized blade he bought off of a traveling merchant.

✚ Likes/dislikes:

    ♥ children & his siblings
    ♥ sleeping outdoors
    ♥ alligator meat , eating food in general ( not much into alcohol though
    ♥ swimming / bathing in lakes or ponds
    ✖ super sweet foods
    ✖ formal settings
    ✖ caterpillars or any of the..legless worm-like insect kind.
✚ Personality:

    → easygoing, straight forward, doesn't read in between the lines.
    Never one to miss meeting someone new, he enjoys meeting those from other places and hear their stories. ( being the traveler that he is lol ) His questions can become rather direct, he does enjoy straight answers and doesn't do so well with round-about or indirect ones. If you ask him something you will need to be specific, he doesn't always catch 'indirect' things. Not one to use violence or physically seek out trouble, he likes to keep a light hearted mood in a conversation.

    → loyal & very affectionate towards family.
    He is very loyal towards his siblings and any others he may dub as adopted 'siblings'. Children is a weakness for him and enjoys playing around with them. His duty towards his family makes him bias, and any bad talk against them will result in a very unhappy June. He can be overly affectionate with his siblings, mostly physically with wanting to pamper them as much as he can.

    → lack of proper etiquette , not easily embarrassed .
    His upbringing lacked the proper lessons that most civilized or higher class citizens have. With working around with little to own, he makes do with what he has and is not ashamed nor embarrassed for having to commit those acts. His ignorance of his sometimes rude manners flies straight over his head unless properly spoken to him. But even then he wouldn't take it to heart and just wave it off. He is very independent after having grown up mostly on his own.

    → uncommitted / doesn't turn down invitations.
    Romantic, or rather sexual invitations is something that June both seeks and accepts readily yet does not pursue for anything more than a 'physical' relationship. Due to traveling around a lot, he only goes along for temporary relations and was never in a 'serious' relationship before. Although he will take up any willing partner on their invitation he does not actually ask himself. The other must be the one to ask or invite him first. ( not indirectly, must straight up ask him ( It is very rare in which case he declines someone's offer. he's a teenager after all coughhh He also doesn't particularly care to get to know the other he shares a bed with. It'll take a lot to make him commit into an even remotely 'serious' relationship of some sort.

✚ History:
    The first of 12 children born into a humble low class family living in Clover Faction, June had always unofficially called himself the protector of his younger siblings. He was not gifted with much of a carefree childhood due to being too occupied with looking out for his siblings or working to support them. 6 Years older than the youngest, he was considered but a boy himself but despite that the child was in much ways more mature than his age. Without complaint or argument typical of a young child, June worked as hard as he could. He never whined or see their humble life style as being unfair. Instead he continued to help his parents around with their needs and taking care of his other siblings. He readily gave up his portions of food, the clothes on his back or any other needs to his beloved brothers and sisters without question. He loved playing with them and hearing their laughter fill their small home while his parents were away at work. To him, there was nothing more important than the bond and love he had for his siblings.

    For a poor family being able to feed and clothe all these mouths began to wear their funds thin. Their parents were as caring as they could be, but were never around at home to take care of their children as much in comparison to others. Instead most of the responsibility was placed onto their oldest son's shoulders who took it in as much stride as he could. Work began to harshly suffer more than usual and their parents were becoming desperate for their future. At this stressful time relatives began to contact them and offered to take some of the children away to care for them individually. As unhappy as the couple was to break their family apart, they knew it was in the best interest for their children and so allowed them to be taken away by close or distant relatives. One by one they were taken away from their humble home and to different fractions. Leaving the oldest to watch sadly as each and every sibling he had so carefully watched and cared for was taken with the childish promise to one day meet again.

      Please don't' forget me.

    There was no doubt that the June was devastated by the loss of each member to his family as he continued to stay at home or work to help out the ones he had remaining. More than often he would be too overwhelmed to walk back home to an empty house and would disappear for days only to come back with puffy, tear stained eyes. Their son continued the same routine, working whenever he can and never being treated to a proper education. Despite now only needing to feed one mouth, their life didn't improve any better and June refused to be taken away from his parents.

      No ! I need to be here when they come back home!

    Their eldest child would tell them stubbornly when asked. He didn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing one of his siblings again if they returned. Being the oldest he believed he was the only one who could properly look after his siblings although they were long gone. His parents didn't have the heart to tell their boy that the chances of ever meeting his siblings was near to none. Several years had already passed and the children young when they were taken, it wouldn't be a surprised that they also began to forget about the older brother who cared for them in the shack like house. His siblings now had a better life, the poor past would become long forgotten. But June never gave up his desperate wish to see them all again.

    Many more years passed, and eventually his parent's life as well as his own became more stable with a good income. But they made no move to retrieve all their children or contact to find out how they were faring. Both had mixed feelings of guilt for not wanting to take them away from a life they had grown up with after being away from them so long and also not knowing where they were exactly.
    There was never a clear record of who took which children or how to contact those distant relatives because at the time they were taken it was a desperate moment. Neither of his parents had thought to jolt down the contact information after having rushed to their children away to the offered better homes thinking that they would never come back. They made no move to physically search for them , instead they just settled into their repetitive work life, hoping that one day maybe their children would remember them and come visit on their own.

    But June had other plans in mind. As soon as their life began to settle and he knew his parents would be alright on their own, he packed up his things and set out on a journey. His role was granted to him along the way and his aging halted at 19. He acknowledges somewhere deep in his mind the very high chance that none of the siblings he may track down would remember him, but his pure determination to find them despite that kept the boy going down this road. "Forgotten" was an almost mocking title to him as June's biggest fear is to find his siblings but then none would remember their 'older brother'. To be rejected by his siblings with no acknowledgment deeply scares the man but he refuses to let this fear show outwardly. He knew he would still love and protect them even if they would never know of his existence.

      In Present Time....

    He continues to wander wherever his feet takes him in his search, asking tidbits from any villages or towns he comes across as well as investigating the gossips in search of anyone knowing others with the same names of his siblings. The life he lives on his adventure is to abide and live by what he has and not by luxurious means. This is a time he also uses to indulge himself in the many things he never had during childhood such as just simply lazing around or exploring the new areas he sees. He can often be spotted in forests hunting sometimes for food that he can catch or swimming in the large bodies of water he finds.

    It was on a trip into Hearts Faction that he came across a familiar boy who shared a name in likeness to one of his siblings. He has yet to find out if perhaps Augustus is really his brother August and is currently in the works of finding out the truth. If he is his brother, will he remember him?

✚ Additional info:

    - Although he does cook, it doesn't mean he is a good one. His taste buds range so something that tastes amazing to himself is usually horrid to another.
    - He does NOT know that Augustus is his real brother, but for now he does see him as a brother that he adopted on his journey.
    - Since it has been a while since he's seen his siblings, he may not recognize them right away. He has 12 total siblings all named after a 'month'.
    - Several of his siblings may not recognize him because of his 'gender' and not realizing he was the same as the female version because they were so young.
    - He's only ever been with women before so won't quite know how to deal with men if they do hit on him AHA...
    - A lot of times he fails in eating /cooking the animal fast enough before it turns into a shadow ; o ;
    - He is a bit wary of those with animal features since he does hunt animals, and jokes a lot about if they taste as good too.
    - fast enough before it turns into a shadow ; o ;
    - He is a bit wary of those with animal features since he does hunt animals, and jokes a lot about if they taste as good too.
    - He carries around smaller knives for cooking and hunting with but does not use for fighting.

✚ Relationships: will be added / updates as I RP
    Augustus [link] : ( Younger Brother ) A rich boy he adopted as his younger brother without knowing he is his brother August. While on his journey to find and collect all his siblings. He is technically 6 years older than August although he stopped aging at 19 )

    → n // a

june belongs to me
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