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cpr me to life plz
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art & rp || phone games || eating good food || sleeping under kotatsu || bitter tea

「先輩、私に気付いて下さい」せんぱい わたし に きづいて ください

on the recovery right now, going through physical therapy and taking it nice and slow ! thank you everyone for the get well wishes ! i appreciate them all ; _ ;

caught the flu and ready to strangle whichever fellow classmate passed it onto me NOT GOMEN (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    REQUESTS : never
    COLLABS : friends only
    ART TRADES : not at the moment

@ storenvy || @ twiiter || @ tumblr

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more shameless advertising gomen !! q // q 

7 deviants said rp group soon !! :iconc-o-d-a:
3 deviants said tomodachi's commisions !! Commission Info! [open]opening up comms again since i'm on break!!
chibi [style 1]: $16 / 1500:points:

chibi [style 2]: $26 / 2500:points:

head/bustshots: $16 / 1500:points:

✦You will be sent the full resolution image with a transparent bg!
please send me a note if interested!
please include this information in your email or note:
type of commission:
character references: (any personality info is welcome as well!)
other notes: (desired expressions, want wips, etc.)payment method: (paypal/points)
✦I will only start after I have received your payment. please do not send payment until I have acknowledged/accepted your request!
✦I may refuse a request for any reason (really only if I feel I am not able to draw it well).
✦Please include in your note if you wish to see wips and note in your request if you would not like the art to be posted.
✦I will send the .psd and .
Commissions [ Bundle Package info edited]** NEW: Full Body and Bundle packs have been added !  + fixed for details/ price / what is offered.
Found out today that I have over 2000 dollars in repairs for car, as well as bills needing to be paid by February 20th. ( 200 dollars per month. )
The bills are prioritized since I will gain a penalty if they're not paid. 
Currently still recovering from surgery and job hunting. Until then I need to be able to make funds for bills coming up in February.
Info is below for what is being offered, what I'm willing to do, and a form to note me < :
If you have any questions please comment or note me <:
Just really need to make some funds since I'm still unable to fully work from surgery. I would appreciate if you advertise this journal ; 7 ; / 
Please note me with the following form:
Name :
Method of Payment: Paypal / Points Widget  [ USD preferred for paypal. But I do also accept CAD. Ask about others <: ]
Type of Commission : Full Body / thigh up and amount of ch
Various Commissions [OPEN]something came up and i need some fast cash so here are 2 slots for the following commissions. Please refer to individual journals for more details !

I also do regular waist up comm, with objects / items / outfit / body part(s) / florals cropping like the last two here (sorry for old ref O(-< ) 30 USD per character and double for extra characters unless there is a lot of overlapping, which i'll lower the price then. Additional charges for lots of details.
1 . 
2 .
(by 2 slots i mean the person who gets the slot can either get a dark comm, regular half body comm or regular fullbody comm. It's a slot limit for the overall instead of each kind of comm)
Comment or note me if interested and tell me which kind you want. First come first serve, but if your request contains something from my 'will not do' list or makes me uncomfortable i might decline ; ^ ; I'll try not to tho cu
2 deviants said take care !! its flu season gdi someone gave it to me SO MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS AND SIT x999 AWAY FROM THOSE KIDS IN CLASS WHO ARE COUGHING AND SNEEZING EvERYWHERE :iconpapmingplz:
2 deviants said ...or if you already caught it too --- LET THE ART GODS HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL, I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON :iconweepplz:




    hello !! i'm just an awkward and shy poo. i may also reply slow....but thank you for stopping by !!

    Thank you for the favs, watches, and comments ! I do not thank individually but I appreciate them, thank you ! (*≧∀≦*)

:iconakiicchi: :iconkiyokoamaya: :iconyaocchi:
on our way to catch bad guys !
ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    Tools : paintSAI + bamboo fun tablet
    Commissions : Not planning to take them atm.

I am not interested in contests, please do not ask me or advertise on my page !
I am also not currently interested in joining secret santas or artbooks, thank you for the interest though !


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paichi Featured By Owner 4 days ago
are you gonna play domo again ~~? ( ´ ▽ ` )
glad to hear your wrists are doing better too btw/////
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Watolf Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
that's made wondering if you ever doing regular commission after stalked ur profile again. :iconwhyyounoplz:
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Is your twitter ded 
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thx for the watch~ <3
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