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current fandom || gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun || gangsta || haikyuu || touken ranbu
currently watching >> death parade

    will be tabling at Anime Expo 2015 w/ suteraretaneko, more details coming soon !!


    - I will be overseas and will not be able to check any sites regularly.
    - I cannot be reached at this time, sorry.

    senpai please notice me...!!1111

    currently plowing through school and internships--
    and also working on attending Anime Expo 2015 !!

    at the moment, drawing has been scarce sobs
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    RIP _: (´ཀ`」 ∠) :_ //spits out blood

ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ


art & rp || phone games || bitter tea || sleeping under kotatsu || collecting pixels

「先輩、私に気付いて下さい」せんぱい わたし に きづいて ください

    REQUESTS : never
    COLLABS : friends only
    COMMISSIONS : keep an eye out !
    ART TRADES : not at the moment
@ storenvy || @ twiiter || @ tumblr || @ facebook

    hello !! i'm just an awkward and shy kouhai. i may also reply slow....but thank you for stopping by !!

    If you would like a quicker reply ( as I haven't been able to be actively checking messages as often ) feel free to send a note or a profile comment !

    I enjoy casually rping and arting for fun!! Thank you for your patience with my slow rp responses too !

    Thank you for the favs, watches, and comments ! I do not thank individually but I appreciate them, thank you ! (*≧∀≦*)

:iconakiicchi: :iconkiyokoamaya: :iconyaocchi:
b o u n t y - h u n t e r - c r e w
on our way to catch bad guys !
yee !!

    Tools : paintSAI + bamboo fun tablet
    Commissions : keep an eye out !

O1. I am not interested in contests, please do not ask me or advertise on my page
O2. I am also not currently interested in joining secret santas or artbooks, thank you for the interest though !
O3. Please do not ask me to price your artwork q u q
O4. I am open for RP group recommendations!

Goshinbokuu Koukou-no-Shinigami Jukai-High DeathsApprentices X-Kaleidoscope-X

currently in :
Project-OverKill Chancel-of-Mythos Lotus-Town Ethernitas Little-Nyghtmares C-O-D-A




Check out these amazing artists who are open for commissions ! ヾ(●´∀`●)

Please do not ask me to be featured here, this box is for my tomodachis.
Which also means I can vouch for them ; u ;

Commission Info! [open]chibi [style 1]: $16 / 1500:points:
✦no overly detailed charas for this style please

chibi [style 2]: $26 / 2500:points:
✦larger size

head/bustshots: $16 / 1500:points:

✦You will be sent the full resolution image with a transparent bg!
✦The prices include paypal fees!
please send me a note if interested!
please include this information in your email or note:
type of commission:
character references: (any personality info is welcome as well!)
other notes: (desired expressions, want wips, etc.)payment method: (paypal/points)
✦I will only start after I have received your payment. please do not send payment until I have accepted your request!
✦I may refuse a request for any reason (really only if I feel I am not able to draw it well).
✦Please include in your note if you wish to s
Commissions [ Bundle Package info edited]Please note me with the following form:
Name :
Method of Payment: Paypal / Points Widget  [ USD preferred for paypal. But I do also accept CAD. Ask about others <: ]
Type of Commission : Full Body / thigh up and amount of characters
Commission Details : What you would like about your character, any pose ideas, or miscellaneous details.
Timing : usually finished within 3-14 days 
Current Slots for regular commission + Progress: ( Will be doing 5 slots at a time to ensure I finish in a good time gap. It's unlimited otherwise. This info for regular commissions and bundle commissions are on my dA front page  ) 
Bundle Package : $75.00 / 7500 pts
This includes 1 full body, 1 thigh high, 1 chibi, and a free couple of any type offered. 
Please note that this commission type will take longer than the 3-10 day span stated above, as there is more work involved.
( limit will range 10-20 days instead, from time of order. ) This
DARK COMMISSION"What kind of crazy are you?"

[ P R I C E ]
- 35$ for each character.
- Double the amount for couple, and so on.
- Additional fees for side elements like medium to big sized pet, flashy magic, weapons, etc. I'll tell you the amount once I've accepted your commission
Will not do : mecha, full anthro, written descriptions only, RL photos, fat features, complex fire arms. Ask me !
Will do : anything not in the list above. I can even strip your son if you want me to //slapped. Ask me !
:new: I'm willing to try monsters / creatures, but preferably that you have a back up character if I don't choose them ;;;;
Style may vary! Sorry about that!
If you're interested in it, comment or note me with the little form below! * v *
[OPEN] PayPal + Point Commission by reincarnationz



Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2015, 11:08 AM

©screencap from gangsta manga


(4/21) Sorry for the delay ! i had a problem with my original file and can no longer use it ;; so i am starting over from scratch for the current list. thank you for your patience and i apologize for the extended delay !

also finals & con season is coming up closely, i'll likely not re-open slots again until mid july or later. 

(3/23) waitlist information added. 
(3/20) slots full !  
(3/19) two slots opened!
(3/9) slots full !
(3/8) two slots opened! 

:iconravenstagpacaplz: :iconravenstagpacaplz: :iconravenstagpacaplz: 


O1. Saiiza *on hold
O2raedrops paid
O3 CrossDEEP paid
O4Kirostyle paid /completed
O5ZiaLiaLis paid 

█ wait list

 *contacted when next available slot. payment sent after contacted again. 

ero guuro


I will only be taking a few slots each time to ensure I can finish it ; u ; I roughly estimate I can complete min. of two a week or so depending on my RL schedule! So please keep in mind how soon your commission is completed depends on where you are located on the slot list. Thank you for being patient with me. 

One slot = one character. 
Yes you can take up more than one slot!! 

█ wait list

Normally my commissions are first come first serve for slots based on the order notes are sent in. However, I do give a 24 hour grace period from when commissions are reopened to be fair to timezones.

Any notes that are sent during that period ( once slots are filled ) will be offered to be added to the waiting list. The waiting list will fill up the slots in the same order that notes had been sent to be fair. I will contact individuals on the waiting list when a slot opens up for them. However, if I do not receive a response within 4 days I will remove them from the list. 

Those on the waiting list, if no longer interested, are free to let me know that they wish to be taken off after I note them. 


- I will not start until payment is completed.
- I will offer to make changes or edits after I send the artwork. 
- I may also send you wips if I have questions about the design.
- I have the option to decline a commission if I do not feel confident that I can draw the asked character. I will ask if you have another in mind though ! 

I do try my best to draw in order of slots but sometimes I do move onto the next character if I feel stumped on another. 

XX : Cannot draw full anthro, animal faces, bald heads, facial hair, super manly...
♥♥ : Can draw women, men, animal ears / tail, most hair i'll try hahaha

I personally think I am better at drawing males but I don't mind drawing females too.

NO RL characters unless you have art drawn references please ! 

My men tend to look more like pretty boys versus manly.

03 || COMMISSIONS by akiicchi02 || COMMISSIONS by akiicchi01 || commissions by akiicchiREQUESTS 01 by akiicchi[11122014] by akiicchi

Collar busts :
Single character only, they come on a white background. 99% chance they are in 3/4th view like most of my samples ;; If your character has wings, it will not fit all in q u q !!  How far it cuts off depends on the character's clothes. it goes about to the collarbone/bust though in most cases 

Price $16  or 1,500 points

Accepting both paypal and points.

If using paypal : when paying make sure to read this first since paypal layout has changed ! 
- Make sure that you send it as goods/services, not as a gift !! 
- There is no extra paypal fee, the price $16 includes the fee already. 
- Make sure that you include NO SHIPPING ADDRESS when paying

If using points : I will ask for you to send it through a commission widget I set up on front page when i reply to your note.  

█ USE THIS FORM AND SEND AS NOTE titled 'commission'

CHARACTER : please label one main ref ; u ; 
EXPRESSION : please put something here ahh--
ETC : it is helpful if you add here if they have small or big eyes ;; qq anything else you'll like me to know? ** i can also add in colored sparkles in the bg if you like ! - just make a note of it please -
PAYMENT : what payment method? if paypal please include your paypal email here too. 


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